‘Sports Illustrated’ Interviews Leticia Bufoni About Training & Recovering From Injuries

Sports Illustrated Interviews Leticia Bufoni About Training & Recovering From Injuries

Photo by Yoon Sul.

Leticia Bufoni, our first female Battle Commander, was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated about training for the Olympics and how she’s been coping with this topsy-turvy (and turbulent) year. The 27-year-old is one of the most popular skaters in the world, and she has had quite a journey since she first arrived the U.S. 17 years ago. But being that this is a sports magazine, the interview focuses more on the nuts and bolts of her daily training regimen and less on her inspirational biography. And Bufoni takes this seriously—she didn’t get to where she is by just eating pizza and not stretching *cough cough*)—here’s a sample from the interview:

‘You have to eat really healthy and take care of the body, because skateboarding is really hard on your body. Skateboarding has never been in the Olympics before and a lot of people don’t think skateboarding is a sport, but it really is.’

Read Sports Illustrated‘s interview with Bufoni here.

Bufoni has been working with The Berrics since the early days, skating our Ladies Night events as a teen (back in 2009) and filming her first Bangin’ in 2011, and it’s been gratifying to see her blow up! Not to mention her epic 5-part PUSH documentary (link here for all episodes). See below for just a fraction of the Battle Commandress’s Berrics projects:

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