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Any of you who have lived outside of southern California know what a bummer winter is for skateboarding. You are left with no choice but to do your best with what you can find and/or create, a flat bar in the basement, a parking garage, a flatground session in your bedroom, etc. You know how awesome it is when spring rolls around and it’s time to get back outside. It’s such a great feeling to wear short sleeves for the first time after months of being covered by layer after layer. Our man on the east coast, Chris Mulhern, knows this all to well. He writes “Now that the weather has finally turned here on the east coast, I decided to clean out my hard drive. This is a mix of both old and new footage, all filmed here in Philadelphia. Appearances by Mark Suciu, Ishod Wair, Nate Pezzillo, Ricky Geiger, Joey Guevara, Shaun Williams, Daniel Kim, Jordan Trahan and many more.” Welcome spring, we missed you.

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