STEVE BERRA — Fast Company Profile

STEVE BERRA -- Fast Company Profile

If you visit this site on a daily basis, then you clearly know who Steve Berra is. But how much do you really know about him? Fast Company just released a new profile on Steve that tells the full story of his career in skateboarding, film, writing, and, of course, co-founding this site. It’s an interesting and inspiring piece that every fan of The Berrics should read. In it, Steve reveals why this site was created.

“We wanted to create [the Berrics] to show the world that skateboarders are not just a bunch of dudes hanging out with a 24-pack [of beer] and smoking weed. There’s a whole sophistication behind [skateboarding], and there’s a lot of really artistic and intelligent people,” Berra says. “As the Berrics got bigger, [we've] been able to do more stuff outside of what happened just inside our little training facility.”

Head over to Fast Company to read the full article.

Lost And Found | Steve Berra

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