Watch Caballero, Hosoi, Alf & Agah In Legendary Skatelite Session

Steve Caballero will be 56 years old next week, and at this point in his career he is pretty stuck in his ways. So when it came time to ply his awesome new backyard miniramp, Cab had to have Skatelite: With that merciless California sun beating down, most surfaces (like Masonite) wouldn’t last more than six months; Skatelite is estimated to last for more than ten years. Just like Cab himself, Skatelite has incredible longevity. Check out this Panda Ramp edit, with special guests Alphonzo Rawls, Christian and Classic Hosoi, and Salman Agah, above. Bamboo-yah!

Check out some of the stuff that Cab has worked on with The Berrics over the years, including a very special public service announcement, below:

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