Powell-Peralta has been posting some straight-up gold on its YouTube channel lately. In the past week alone, the company (perhaps best known for the “Bones Brigade” phenomenon) has posted 12 such pieces, including a rare promo video called "Fun Zone," released around the time of Public Domain; and an edit of the 1988 Am Jam filmed at the future location of the storied “Skate Zone” park (seen in countless early-’90s videos). Obscure skate trivia is one thing, but the Powell-Peralta YouTube channel surpasses standard skate-nerdery; it is on some straight-up Big Bang Theory shit right now—but in a good way, of course.

For skaters of a certain age, the eclectic mix of archival interviews and stories reaches a climax with this classic, barely seen interview with Steve Caballero. Filmed for Pepsi’s “Turning Point” series back in 1979, Cab was barely fifteen years old; in fact, he had turned pro just a few months earlier in August ‘79. Seated with archetypal seventies cool dude, D. David Morin, in Marina Del Rey park “in the round,” Cab talks about how he likes it when “you get weightless when you get to the top,” and he recounts the origin of his eponymous trick. (This is blessedly filmed prior to the invention of the nollie, so Morin doesn’t broach the subject of “nollie half-Cabs.”)

The best part is Cab’s advice to skaters on the come up: “Keep skateboarding and don’t quit.”

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