Steve-O Interviewed On The Nine Club

On the latest episode of The Nine Club, Chris Roberts and co. explore how to get ahead in stuntwork (without really dying) with Jackass‘s Steve-O. He talks about how he got a skateboard after watching 1985’s Back To The Future; making skate videos with two VCRs; being homeless for three years; filming random stunts; going to clown college; meeting up with the Big Brother guys; getting sponsored by XYZ; participating in clinical drug studies to make extra money; getting the call that Jackass got picked up by MTV; Jackass 4; getting choked out by Ryan Dunn (RIP); how he prepares for stunts; his recent skate project “The Untold Story Of Steve-O’s Skateboarding Career”; and much more (This episode is two hours and thirty-one minutes long.)

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