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Stevie Williams Talks About Staying Motivated On The ‘No Jumper’ Show

DGK‘s Stevie Williams, a legend when it comes to making something out of nothing, sat down with Adam22 on the  ’No Jumper’ podcast to discuss growing up in Philly and how skateboarding shaped his worldview.

Williams explains his drive early in the show: “It’s those points right there in life where you’re like, ‘Fuck it I gotta give up,’ is when you gotta go harder.” Dropping jewels.

In 2015, for Black History Month, we invited Williams to speak his mind about overcoming adversity in life. It was one of the most important videos we’ve ever produced, reminding skaters that we’re essentially all one in the same—regardless of skin color or background. Check it out, along with a few other DGK gold nuggets, below:

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