Stevie Williams Shares His Story With ‘World Of X Games’

One of the pioneers of inner city skateboarding, Stevie Williams has seen it all. He started skating way back when his ‘hood considered it a “white boy” activity—back before it was considered cool and every rapper around owned a board. In the early days he was known as “Lil Stevie,” and he was a major catalyst for making Philadelphia’s LOVE Park one of the top all-time skate plazas. ‘World Of X Games’ recently took a deep dive into Williams’s story with an extended cut of his ‘Being’ episode. The 45-minute edit includes interviews with his family and friends who have watched him grow into the entrepreneur/pioneer he is today—”Lil Stevie” is little no mo’.

“I was a skater, and I was proud of it… because it was special. And I wasn’t giving that special feeling up for nobody.”

A little history: Nearly twenty years ago, Williams launched DGK; the brand was featured early on in our EST. series and also went on to film a memorable United Nations edit in 2013. In the years that followed, Williams and DGK focused on strengthening the community through their ‘Saved By Skateboarding’ program which provides boards to those in need. Over the brand’s two decades, DGK has become known for a focus on high-profile collaborations. His latest partnership is with Off-White’s Virgil Abloh—a limited run of 100 Abloh-designed decks for the ‘Saved’ program. This is the sort of elevated full-circle project that sets DGK—and Stevie Williams—apart from their contemporaries. ‘World Of X Games’ delves into much of these details, and unearths quite a few additional interesting tidbits. Watch ‘Being Stevie Williams—The Extended Cut’ above!

Check out some of Williams’s projects with The Berrics over the years, below:

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