Hang Out With Stewie Petar In Pocket’s ‘Followed’

Pocket magazine premiered the latest episode of its stellar ‘Followed’ series this morning, taking you to Barcelona where Petar “Stewie” Stantchev shows you how he approaches a day of skating in the streets. In the whole time Stantchev has been skating, he has never broken a board (his sponsor probably loves that), but that isn’t from lack of trying: He throws himself down MACBA’s Big 3 over and over again early on in the sesh, and hits several street spots over the course of the day. A bigger guy would have had to change out his board a couple of times already, but Stantchev is on his way to grab another coffee after each make.

It isn’t just about skating in Pocket‘s day-in-the-life series. Stantchev, who speaks four languages, also shares his philosophy for how to approach your goals when things haven’t exactly been stacked in your favor:

“I know that I’m different… The important thing is that we are people—everybody’s the same. If you want something, you can do it.”

We worked with Stantchev for his intro to Jart part, back in February 2019. Watch this amazing video, below:

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