Watch Round 2 Of Street League’s ‘SLS Games’ Here

Street League Skateboarding launched the first edit of their tongue-in-cheek ‘SLS Games’ contest last week, pitting two teams led by Berrics co-founder Eric Koston (Ishod Wair, Kevin Bradley, and Koston) and Berrics direct download pioneer Shane O’Neill (Carlos Ribeiro, Robert Neal, and O’Neill) in a series of challenges at Biebel’s Park. Each round is worth a 2-second head start (total of 6 seconds available) which applies to the final round, and this week sees the teams competing in a game of O.U.T. Watch it above!

Street League made the decision to cancel their Olympics-qualifying SLS competitions in early March, in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep skaters safe. As the global pandemic drags on, ‘SLS Games’ seems more like the antithesis to the Olympics: the stakes are incredibly low in comparison. This should make up for all those lost “nine clubs.”

A few years ago we launched ‘AMFD,’ a montage series filmed at Biebel’s Park that was featured in Next New Wave. Watch those episodes, along with our bio of the park from LA Week and last year’s SLS edit with Chad Muska, below:

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