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STRIVE — Chase Gabor’s 2008 Full-Length

Around the age of 17, I had decided that i wanted to pursue my career as a “Professional Skateboard Filmer” (whatever that means). So, upon finishing the Jerics Skateshop video, I gathered up some of Chicagoland’s finest skaters and began filming Strive. *There were no ties to skateshops, board sponsors, etc., just a group of awesome skaters who were down to make the video a reality. The idea behind *Strive was to mix some of the best skateboarding the Midwest had to offer, along with the best filming and editing I could offer, sort of like a very long demo reel. It was my passion project. I intended to finish the video and use the profits to take a trip to California and hopefully find myself a spot in the skateboarding world. And I did just that. I handed out copies to every skateboarder I met; I got my name out there and the rest is history. Enjoy!

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