Sunday Drops End of Summer Banger

Sunday Hardware, the 100% skater-owned Australian company packs classic summer (or is it winter down there?) vibes with the boys in its latest edit. Jake Hayes, Dane Burman, Jack O’ Grady, Nik Stipanovic, Rome Collyer, Simon Zuzic, Chima Ferguson, Jackson Pilz, Adelaide Norris, Corey Young, Floyd Scott, Gabriel Summers, Digby Luxton, Liv Lovelace, Matlok Bennett-Jones, Dean Palmer, Sam Fairweather, and Connor Reeve hit you with clips six ways to Sunday in ‘LYLXX.’ Filmed and edited by George Kousoulis (@zoolz), with the help of many other filmers.

Check out some of our work with Burman, Ferguson, and Hayes, below:

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