‘Supereight’ Catches Up With Barney Page In Nottingham

When Barney Page rolls through town, he REALLY rolls through town. A few years ago, the Brit trekked the 941-mile (kilometer?) span of the island in memory of Ben Raemers; today, he’s just watching the lads skate the 3-block at Sneinton Market in Nottingham. That’s right: It’s Nottingham, and there’s a new sheriff in town. A sheriff who knows the value of a good nail clipper and values his downtime when not on an Etnies tour.

And did we mention that Nottingham’s new sheriff is wildly, unbelievably handsome as well? Supereight nabbed this extremely telegenic pro for a few minutes to pick his brain about life on the road for its new series, ‘On The Spot.’ Watch the video, above!

We have worked with Etnies since the beginning of The Berrics. Watch our “EST.” documentary series that we did with the brand in 2016, some of our Album coverage, and Page’s 2015 Bangin (has it been that long??) below:

Chapter 4 is currently blocked for a music-rights issue, so we present to you…

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