supreme deck collection

Photo courtesy: Dale Arden Chong for The Hollywood Reporter

Over the years, Supreme‘s weekly system of limited edition drops has made the concept of rare, collectible decks a fairly common cultural thing. It may seem weird to most skaters who want to, you know, SKATE their boards, but to each his own. One man has done the unthinkable—collecting every Supreme deck ever made. Far from a hoarder, Ryan Fuller wants to share his immaculate collection with the world. Last month, he made his highly valuable accumulation available to view at Jason Vass gallery in Los Angeles.

Now, Fuller is auctioning all these decks (dibs on the Killer deck!) via Sotheby’s—the longtime home of hoity-toity auction paddling. The value of all this stuff is estimated at between $800k and $1.2MM. The collection is open for bids and will be auctioned off on January 25. If you’re in NYC, you can see the 250-ish decks at Sotheby’s at 1334 York Ave.

It’s sick to see that skateboards have become such a hot commodity, but in some ways it’s a damn shame that these decks will never be skated. Place your bids now! Check out a first look at the Sotheby’s collection below:

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