Supreme’s ‘Candyland’ Captures San Francisco At Its Grimiest

William “Bill” Strobeck has released Supreme‘s latest skate video, after some delicious Instagram teases, this morning. Candyland was shot in (mostly) San Francisco before a live studio audience consisting of innocent bystanders, aggressive looky-loos, and more than one territorial local. San Francisco will never be the same. Strobeck has the Monopoly on hard Scrabble street Life. Do not pass GO, and do not collect that Louie Vuitton collab trunk, you Hungry Hungry Hippos. Sorry!

Candyland features Pablo Ramirez, Kader Sylla, Rowan Zorilla, Kevin Bradley, Vincent Touzery, Sage Elsesser, Tyshawn Jones, Caleb Barnett, Adam “Joogy” Taylor, Sean Greene, Jeff Carlyle, Zak Krull, Tetty, Eddie Cernicky, Sean Pablo, Matt Finley, JB Santino Gagliarducci, Aidan Mackey, Mark Gonzales, Jamal Gibbs, Nik Stain, Manchhhhh!, Ben Kadow, Taylor Nida, Beatrice Domond, Cher Strawberry, Auguste Bouznad, Andrew Torralvo, Elissa Steamer, “Ugly” Lui Elliott, Tino Razo, and more. Filmed by Strobeck, with additional filming by Johnny Wilson, Ryan Garshell, and Otto Ray.

Watch a few of The Berrics’ projects in the Bay Area, below:

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