SWAY Energy Drink and The Berrics Announce New Partnership

SWAY Energy Drink and The Berrics Announce New Partnership

SWAY Energy Drink and The Berrics have forged a new partnership to promote healthier lifestyles and peak performance while supporting both aspiring and now 2021 Olympic skateboarders. 

Skateboarding has grown substantially these last ten years and has since landed the sport a primetime spotlight in the Olympics. As a beverage that provides the athletic community with an energy outlet, it also supports the opportunity to express creativity, individuality, sportsmanship, and inclusion. 

“As a former professional skateboarder, I am honored to be part of a partnership that signifies a larger effort to provide athletes with powerful and healthy energy options,” said Donovan Dresti, VP of Marketing for Elegance Brands. “As skateboarding continues to grow in popularity, we are honored to fuel the progressive and upcoming athletes in the industry.”

SWAY Energy is an innovative and proprietary blend that has the unique ability to aid muscle formation, boost energy, and aid in the body’s natural immune response. With clean ingredients and performance boosting qualities, it makes the perfect energy drink alternative for professional athletes. 

SWAY Energy Drink and The Berrics Announce New Partnership

SWAY Energy rider Marissa Martinez, aka Mamaskate.

“We are pleased to be able to reach a more diverse group of athletes and help them excel to new levels of athleticism, all without sacrificing health and wellness,” said Elegance Brands CEO Raj Beri. 

The Berrics has long been a place for some of the most progressive skateboarding in the world. Most recently, the 35,000-square-foot training facility has been home to Olympic athletes and world-class professionals looking to perfect their skill. 

“When it comes to the future and progression of action sports, it’s very refreshing to see a brand like SWAY jump on board. From product to brand identity, SWAY stands out and challenges the stereotype of the energy drink & sports world. said Ben Edwards, Head of Partnerships for The Berrics, “We are excited to expand on their dedication to diversity with some content and contests coming very soon.” 

Later this year, SWAY Energy and The Berrics will be launching a one-of-a-kind skateboarding and lifestyle event to promote diversity in the field.

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