Tactics Boardshop Drops New Austin Thongvivong Part

Austin Thongvivong is instantly recognizable. This Portland up-and-comer is all smiles, with a floaty style on steep rails goes hand-in-hand with his incredibly personable demeanor—this is a guy you just want to hang out with. Tactics Boardshop knows this better than anyone else, so they have released Thongvivong’s latest part, ‘Look Closer,’ this morning, featuring clips from some of his late-2019 filming missions. He hits spots spanning from Portland, Oregon, to Atlanta, Georgia, and as a companion piece to the new part, Tactics also published an interview with Thongvivong which is full of interesting tidbits. Top three artists in his playlist? “New Edition; Earth, Wind, and Fire; and Maxwell.” Smooth!

Watch the part above, then have a closer look at some of The Berrics’ best moments of 2019, below:

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