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PHOTOS: Joey Shigeo

Spirits were high at Skatepark Of Tampa‘s 25th annual Tampa Pro last weekend. The milestone contest was a huge success with cheers rocking the walls of the park with every trick (and bail). After all was said and done, the top ten were:

  1. Carlos Ribeiro (Watch his live First Try Fridays from last month here)
  2. Jake Ilardi (Watch his 2018 Bangin here)
  3. Daisuke Ikeda (Read his Olympics interview here)
  4. Ivan Monteiro (Watch ‘Ivan Monteiro—Where The Hell Did This Guy Come From?’ here)
  5. Kelvin Hoefler (Watch his jaw-dropping 2018 ‘It Must Be Nice…” here)
  6. Luan Oliveira (Watch his 6-minute mega-mix of Berrics clips here)
  7. Marcos Montoya (Watch his gnarly flatbar #DreamTrick here)
  8. Ishod Wair (Watch his PUSH part here)
  9. Torey Pudwill (Watch his extra-long 2011 Battle Commander here)
  10. Ryan Sheckler (Watch his 2016 Bangin here)

Congrats! We’ll see all you guys at The Berrics soon!

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