General Ops


We have assembled some of the greatest boarders in the world to not only be distinguished members of the new Berrics Snowboard team but to join us for a fun filled day of… (now you’d expect me to say shredding the gnar or the pow pow, but no, I’m not saying that) fun-filled day of hitting up the K-12s, Better Off Dead style. So please click play and join Shaun White, Travis Rice, Danny Kass, Todd Richards, Sean Palmer, Nate Cole, Terje, Jake Burton, Terri Kidwell, Tom Sims, Shannon Dunn, Tara Dakides and Travis Pastrana, filmed by my favorite filmmaker in all of snowboarding, Curt Morgan, for a day of fun, sun, and pure snowboarding with a street value of $68,000,000. Hang on to your knit caps, things are about to go buck. — sb