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FIVE BOROUGHS IN FIVE MINUTES — with Giovanni Luigi Reda

Spanning over 450 square miles, New York City is absolutely massive. Now throw in the fact that NYC is singlehandedly the most populated and dense city in America, with more people and buildings than anywhere else in the US. Given that information, just how in the world is someone supposed to learn how to navigate the city’s concrete jungle? Where to go, where to eat, where to skate, where to hang out, what neighborhoods to visit, the list of questions goes on for anyone’s first trip to the Big Apple. Hell, how many of you out there can even name all 5 boroughs? While nowhere near comprehensive (that would take an entire lifetime to listen to), Reda gives you the rundown on Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, The Bronx, and Manhattan. This is the 5 boroughs in 5 minutes. Not close to everything, but nowhere near nothing.

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