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LODGE RESTAURANT — Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

Restaurant fads come and go. It seems like as soon as the next big trendy food concept is hyped up, POOF it vanishes in a cloud of liquid smoke. It’s so refreshing to come across a neighborhood restaurant that’s actually focused on longevity, instead of having the shelf-life of a cronut. Over the past 10 years, Lodge has made the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn its home. With an inviting, rustic charm (the interior is even built with repurposed wood from an old lodge in the Adirondack mountains), and an inventive menu featuring fresh takes on comfort food (fried cheese grits with sriracha? Grilled salmon BLT with applewood bacon? Honey, I’m home!), it’s easy to see why New Yorkers and out-of-town skaters flock to this spot. You can bet that 200 years from now, Lodge will still be firmly lodged in Williamsburg, servicing the community and putting the “comfort” back in comfort food. Lodge is located at 318 Grand St. Visit for more info.

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