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SHUT SKATEBOARDS — with Eli Gesner

SHUT Skates started out as a tight-knit crew hanging out and skating in Washington Square Park, and in 1986, became New York’s first skateboard company. With a team that introduced Sean Sheffey, Chris Pastras, and Jefferson Pang, SHUT Skates exposed the skate world to a powerful style of skating that became known as “East Coast”—rough, rugged, and raw. Now, SHUT operates their shop in the Lower East Side (a skater’s vision of a tricked-out mechanic’s garage). The creator of the original SHUT crest logo, Eli Morgan Gesner, takes you through a brief history of Shut and is living proof that sometimes the most enduring cultural influence can come from the most modest of beginnings. SHUT is located at 158 Orchard Street, 10002

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