Best of 2015

BEST OF 2015

There will never be another 2015. There might be another year that feels the same, or maybe 2015 will be referenced in movies, on TV, in books, or in magazines, but there will never be an exact replica. Ever. Which means there will never be another first-ever PUSH project or 2UP 2015 or In Transition that Pedro Barros wins in the same way, or another Run & Gun 2015, or another BATB 8 where Sewa stomps all the competition… or another Chris Joslin Battle Commander or Alec Majerus Recruit or Baker US Tour Travelogue, for that matter. But that’s fine. Reflecting on an action is just as important as the action itself. It’s how we learn and progress as humans, as skaters, as an entire civilization. So today, on one of the last days of 2015, sit back and reflect on one of the best years in Berrics and skateboarding history. This is the Best Of 2015… a moment in time that will never, ever happen again.

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