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The Dern Brothers Explore the LA Convention Center’s Skate History

The Dern Brothers, comprised of Dalton, Kanaan, and Destin, are back to share some more skateboarding history. You might remember them as the prize-winning homewrecking homeboys in Liquid Death’s Murder Your House contest in 2020. But recently, they’ve been outside skating, exploring, and growing their Dern Brothers YouTube Channel. For their latest video, Kanaan and Destin roam around The Los Angeles Convention Center to explore the spots skateboarding history, showing just about every clip that has gone down there from Geoff Rowley’s inaugural frontside 5050 to Clive Dixon’s mind-blowing frontside noseblunt, and everything in between (even a few bikers and motocross riders have gotten a piece of the spot). Follow Kanaan, Destin, and special guest Kenny Day, as they chat some skate history and explore every other spot the Staples Center (now Arena) has to offer.

Watch the Convention Center video above, and watch Kanaan’s ‘Fastest Nosegrind Ever’ video, Dalton’s Next New Wave part, and the Brothers’ winning Liquid Death ‘Murder Your House’ entry, below:

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