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The Dern Brothers Show Off Their Backyard Skatepark

The Dern Brothers, comprised of Dalton, Kanaan, and Destin, have one of the best backyard skateparks in all of Florida, and possibly the country. While they didn’t need to use it to win Liquid Death’s Murder Your House contest in 2020, that doesn’t stop them from sessioning it on the regular. Today, the Dern Bros posted up a video from their infamous backyard park on the Dern Brothers YouTube Channel as Dalton, Destin, and special guest Jake Watkins try to hit every obstacle in the park in one session. They’ve spent over 10 years building the park to what it is now but only a couple hours to destroy it (figuratively speaking).

Watch the full session above, and check out Dalton’s Next New Wave part, and the Brothers’ winning Liquid Death ‘Murder Your House’ entry, below:

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