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The Dern Brothers Skate Potato Chip Rock

The Dern brothers are at it again! Dalton and Destin are off on a Spot Hunting Adventure to find the Legend of Potato Chip Rock! The Derns, along with Bredan O’Conner, navigate the treacherous terrain of Southern California, skating rocks, boulders, and down hill paths on their way to the legendary Potato Chip Rock! It’s story time as the crew arrives to the storied spot to tell the tale of Dalton’s sketchy kickflip on the sliver of stone, and knock out a couple of extra sketchy maneuvers before heading back in victory.

Watch the full edit, above, and be sure to subscribe to The Dern Brothers YouTube channel for more to come!

Back in 2020, the Derns won our “Murder Your House” quarantine contest, check out their winning submission, below!

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