How Fast…

The Fastest Tricks Ever Done At The Berrics

You never know how fast you really are until Yoon Sul points his radar gun at you… So, slow your roll and watch the fastest moments from our “How Fast Can” series, featuring: Ryan Alvero, Emmanuel Guzman, Mason Silva, Louie Lopez, Nick Garcia, Dane Burman, Eric Koston, Aurelien Giraud, Maurio McCoy, Blake Johnson, David Gonzalez, Dylan Witkin, Kanaan Dern, Iceland Iceman, Marcos Montoya, Ace Pelka, Duncan Byrnes, Yoshi Tanenbaum, Kader Sylla, Jamie Tancowny, Jack Fardell, Dave Bohack, Paul Hart, Milton Martinez, Justin Figueroa, Luan Oliveira, Chris Pierre, and Chris Joslin.

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