The Guinness World Fastest Downhill Team Record Has Been Broken

A team of skateboarders in rad outfits took on a downhill track in Britain and broke a Guinness World Record by reaching a speed of 52.79 fucking miles per hour! Guinness World Records said members of the Virgin Media Speed Demons team went down a hill at Pickering’s Dalby Forest in North Yorkshire, England, to break the record for fastest standing skateboard speed downhill (team).

Peter Dashwood-Connolly, who holds the Guinness World Records title for the fastest skateboard speed downhill (standing), led the team in the attempt, which required the team members to remain in contact by holding hands on their way down the hill. The record is for four people, so the six team members took turns taking on the downhill course in different combinations. The members who successfully set the record were Dashwood-Connolly, Jonathan Braun, Aaron Skippings and Jennifer Alina Schauerte.

“I’ve wanted to set this record for a long time and the Virgin Media Speed Demons have trained so hard to make this happen,” Dashwood-Connolly told Guinness. It’s too bad we broke our radar gun, otherwise we’d invite tehese fast and furious latex funksters over to The Berrics for a sesh.

Speaking of that piece of shit radar gun: Watch the last known footage of that cut-rate crapola, below:

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