The Kennedy Files

The Kennedy Files — GIOVANNI REDA

If skate videos were treated like Hollywood films, then what you’re about to watch would be the prequel to Wednesday’s With Reda. Before Wednesday’s With Reda, the only people who knew about Reda’s sharp tongue were the lucky few who had worked or traveled with him. Over a span of 8 years, I travelled extensively with Reda on DVS tours and filming trips. On those tours, it was always interesting to watch him work his magic; somehow he’d be ripping apart someone he barely knew, saying things not even a close friend would dare to say and yet his victims would be smiling the entire time. In 2006 DVS put together a 3 week European tour that I filmed and edited into a half-hour television special for Fuel TV. The main focus of the TV special was to show how each person on a skate tour (rider, team manager, photographer, etc.) plays a unique role. For example, there’s always the late guy who forces the crew to miss trains or flights. There’s the young guy who gets the brunt of the teasing. There’s the skate rat who gets the most footage and the character list goes on and on. With DVS trips however, there was a unique role, a role that could only be filled by Reda. Now, I know that every tour, no matter what company, has a shit-talker or a loud mouth but no one can honestly compare to Reda. Naturally, I wanted to showcase Reda’s unique ability in the show, so I dedicated a small segment to him and his tireless antagonizing. Unfortunately, the segment was only about a minute long because TV has strict rules on program length and I had a lot of other footage and stories to fit into the show as well. So, I handed the surplus of Reda footage over to Cole Mathews and asked him to edit a piece showcasing the full extent of Reda’s involvement on a skate trip. This is what Cole made with the footage… – Colin Edit: Cole Mathews Featuring: Giovanni Reda, Mark Baines, Paul Shier, Torey Pudwill, Jeron Wilson, Zered Bassett, Gabe Clement, Anne Flore Marxer, Cedric Viollet, Jereme Rogers