The Kennedy Files

The Kennedy Files — (The Lost) Skate More Premiere Tour

The DVS video Skate More premiered in late May of 2005. After hosting premiers around the U.S., DVS set up a premier tour across the UK & Europe. It was a whirlwind tour, we stayed in each city for only a day. Even though the primary purpose of the tour was to showcase Skate More, we were still trying to get whatever footage we could in each city. The edit you see here was originally for a Skate More Deluxe Edition DVD that we wanted to release for Christmas 2005. We were going to have brand new parts from a couple of riders, bonus footage, outtakes, remixed parts and more, but unfortunately for us, Youtube launched their site and gained instant popularity at the same time we released the original DVD. Sales of Skate More weren’t terrible by any means, but thanks in part to the new Youtube phenomenon they also weren’t strong enough to warrant a Deluxe Edition of the video. Sadly, the project was shelved and this footage sat unedited until now. It’s crazy to see everyone looking so young in the footage and especially to see a 14 year-oldTorey already on his path to the ripper he is today. I hope you enjoy this little slice of time. – Colin Kennedy

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