Must Watch: The Killing Floor Released Josh Anderson’s ‘Aquarius’ Part

The Killing Floor have an immaculate reputation for producing some of skateboarding’s most progressive, visually pleasing graphics, and for setting design trends that endure (collage is a thing now thanks in part to TKF). The Portland, Oregon, brand makes decks that you simply don’t want to scratch up; you want to hang them on your wall instead. And when a deck is kaput, you want to hold onto it like it’s a piece of valuable art. It stands to reason that The Killing Floor’s videos will have the same intrinsic qualities.

Aquarius was released late last year with a gorgeous DVD package (available on The Killing Floor’s site), and a soundtrack that fit the skating and editing perfectly. Josh Anderson’s part (with guest clips by Paul Sewell), above, represents The Killing Floor’s sense of style perfectly, but you should definitely check out the DVD for the full effect. It sticks with you, just like the art that adorns the brand’s decks.

This is the dawning of the age of The Killing Floor.

Check out the Aquarius trailer, and parts by Andrew Gray and Daichi Ishibashi, below:

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