THE NINE CLUB — adidas Das Days

The Nine Club set up shop at the adidas Das Days event over the weekend. This afforded Chris Roberts, Roger Bagley, and Kelly Hart the opportunity to sit down with Daewon Song—who has been a cornerstone of adidas’ skate program since joining in 2015. At the 45:28 mark, Daewon reveals some special techniques for setting up skateboards that he and Rodney Mullen utilize—which gives a rare glimpse into how two of the most innovative skaters in history ride their boards.

When they have the [skateboard] mold, I move my board forward. So everything gets pushed forward. The wheelbase is right here. I push it forward so the tail is flat… it feels like there is no tail. I just wanted to try something different. Rodney [Mullen] used to put coins under his trucks to do this weight distribution. He just had these tricks. But it worked.

Watch the entire episode above.

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