THE NINE CLUB — adidas Skate Copa LA

The Nine Club went on location at the adidas Skate Copa event in Los Angeles over the weekend. The highlights include interviews with Nora Vasconcellos, Jack Fardell, Na-kel Smith, Paul Shier, and more. 

At the 29:26 mark, Na-kel reveals that he’s involved Johnah Hill’s directorial debut title, Mid ‘90s. The film utilizes skateboarding in Los Angeles during the ‘90s as the backdrop and is currently in post production.

Na-kel: “I went to Paris and I was skating. And that was the first time I was skating after the movie.”

TNC: ”Aren’t you working on Jonah Hill’s movie?”

Na-Kel: “That’s a wrap. We wrapped that. And that was like a six week break from skating, and not from an injury. So it’s like, I’m fully capable of skating, but not. And I wanted to skate so bad.”

Na-kel has come a long way since our Text Yoself with Odd Future from 2011. Take a trip down memory lane below. 

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