BILL STROBECK — The Nine Club Interview

Supreme’s Cherry took skateboarding by storm in 2014. This is largely due to Bill Strobeck’s views on what a skate video should look like. Cherry was Strobeck’s first stab at a full-length. He made it his way, and knocked it out of the park. At this point, there’s no disputing the impact that Supreme’s debut had on skateboarding. 

With the success of Cherry, a sequel was imminent. Bill reveals new details on what we can expect from Supreme’s upcoming release on the latest episode of The Nine Club.

We’ve pulled a few choice quotes along with timestamps below.

“I just thought outside of the box, and made what I wanted to see. It’s going to be the same with this video. There’s a lot of really good skating so far. It’s going to be really good. I’m like a year and a month into it.” [1:51:22]

“I haven’t even put anything in a timeline. But I think [I will] when I get back from this trip. With music, and shit, you have to start working on it a year before it comes out to get the rights.” [1:51:54]

“The shit that these kids are doing now, I can’t wait for you guys to see it. They’re just way stronger now, more adult. They just got power.” [1:54:46]  

Tyshawn’s killing it still. And he has a lot of shit. But he went into beast mode out the gate. And now all of these dudes are getting a lot. So it’s evening out a little bit. There was a minute where every day he was getting two or three tricks that were fucking crazy. Shit I’ve never seen him do.” [1:55:22]

“Right now, we’re in the middle. We’re in a good area where I feel like right now I could make a video. And I could make something that everyone would be psyched on. But we’re going to continue on.” [1:57:13] 

Listen to the entire interview above.

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