Chris Cole is the latest in the long and illustrious list of Nine Club guests. Any true fan of skateboarding is likely already familiar with Cole’s history. But, at the 1:52:16 mark, Chris reveals a new podcast that he’s working on that sounds quite interesting.

I know that everybody has a podcast nowadays. It’s the joke. But I actually have been working on this podcast for a while. It’s not what you’d expect. It will be me and a likeminded individual that is based in music. I talk about skating enough. You guys [The Nine Club] do a great job. Why saturate the market with another skate podcast? I go to all theses shows, and have a really strong bond with music. I started meeting all of these musicians, and getting along really well with them. I realized that they’re just another side of the same coin. I picked skating; they picked music. A lot of times they grew up skating. I hear all of their stories. And I want to have a casual conversation back and forth with these dudes. And that’s basically my podcast—a casual conversation / interview with musicians.

Watch the entire interview above.

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