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The Nine Club Discusses Most Iconic Video Part Enders

The Nine Club asks tough questions… but they’re questions that need answers! On the latest episode of The Nine Club Experience the crew sit down and discuss the most iconic video part enders of all time. The boys bring up some of the heaviest enders from Shane O’Neill in Levels, Eric Koston in Falling Down, Mouse, The Chocolate Tour and Yeah Right!, Jim Greco in Baker 2G, Jerry Hsu in Bag of Suck, Mike Mo in Pretty Sweet, Casey Rigney in Get Familiar, Heath Kirchart in Stay Gold, Chris Cole in New Blood, Antwuan Dixon and Erik Ellington in Baker 3, Gailea Momolu in Darkstar Batallion & Get Tricks Or Die Tryin’, Keenan Milton in Mouse, Brandon Turner in Shorty’s Guilty, Andrew Reynolds in Stay Gold, Carlos Ribeiro in LRG 1947, Tyshawn Jones in Play Dead, Ryan Pearce in Escapist’s 14 Deep, Heath Kirchart in Sight Unseen, Marc Johnson in Yeah Right!, PJ Ladd in PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life, Guy Mariano in Pretty Sweet, Pat Duffy in Questionable, Alex Midler in Godspeed, and Josh Kalis in Photosynthesis.

Check out the ender discussion, above, or watch the full Nine Club Experience Episode 234 that covers topics from Dwindle, Skate Shop Day (Feb 18th), Eldy’s Pick Of The Week, Abe Bethel, the Race For SOTY 2023 update and much more, below!

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