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The Nine Club Fills Out the Battle At The Berrics 13 Bracket

Chris Roberts is no stranger to BATB. In fact, they go waaaay back. If you didn’t know, Crob went head-to-head with Berra in round 1 of the very first BATB back in 2008, and he’s announced/hosted/commentated the last several of our BATB Finals Nights as well as spearheading our BATTLETALK series with Mike Mo, so it’s safe to say Chris Roberts has seen his share of BATB games.

When the boys of The Nine Club sat down to fill out their predictions for the BATB 13 Bracket, we were surprised to see the Chris’s prediction of Mark Suciu taking it all get foiled in the first round in Mark’s game against BATB2 Champion Chris Colethis past weekend, leaving no possible way of Crob’s overall prediction to come true. The only person who voted for Chris Cole was Jeron, who just so happened to pick Koston in the battle against Carlos Ribeiro, and Koston was overall pick to win as well… We all know how that turned out. The only person in the trio who could have their overall BATB 13 winner prediction come true is Kelly Hart, who picked BATB 12 runner up Tyler Peterson.

What do you think of their predictions? Will Tyler redeem himself against BATB 12 Champ Jamie Griffin and take it all this year? Or will a former champion add a 2nd BATB title under their belt? Only time, and a whole lot of games of skate, will tell…

Watch the full bracket prediction, above, and check out some of the work we’ve done with Chris Roberts, below!

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