The Nine Club Interviews Gino Iannucci In ‘Stop And Chat’

The Nine Club continues its ‘Stop And Chat’ virtual interview series by catching up with the one and only style god Gino Iannucci, following up on his January 2017 in-studio interview. Chris Roberts picks his brain about moving to Manhattan; how things are going with his Poets brand; skating the world-famous World part for the first time (Iannucci was a pro for 101 in the mid-’90s); his recollections of skating Lockwood, the schoolyard that used to pop up in so many videos back in the day (see below); skating fast; his latest Poets collaboration; and, as always, they cap it off with a run-through of his classic video parts. This guy’s got stories for days!

There’s an interesting section of this interview where Iannucci goes into some detail about skating Lockwood Elementary, a Los Angeles spot that would put some hair on your chest if you were a newbie. Featured prominently in ’90s videos, the schoolyard was situated plainly in gangland and the atmosphere of danger never quite came across when you were watching your issues of 411. For LA Week in 2016, The Berrics took a deep dive into the mystique of Lockwood—check out the Visual Postcard we produced, below, for a little history lesson:

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