The Nine Club Interviews Illegal Civ’s Mikey Alfred In ‘Stop And Chat’

Illegal Civ is taking over, and the brand’s head honcho recently shared his plans for world domination on The Nine Club‘s latest ‘Stop And Chat’. In this follow-up to Mikey Alfred‘s September 2017 in-studio interview, the guys talk about the runaway success of last year’s full-length video Godspeed; what it was like to watch team rider Alex Midler backside 360 at Sunset Carwash; how it feels to give his friends the pro promotion (feels good), and to place last in a Golf tournament (feels bad); making the movie North Hollywood; and he talks about his experiences working with actors Vince Vaughn and Miranda Cosgrove. Watch the interview, above!

Check out some of the projects the Illegal Civ riders worked on with us, including their Mid90s takeover, below:

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