‘The Nine Club’ Interviews Kris Markovich

‘The Nine Club’ interviewed legend Kris Markovich for episode #244 of the podcast. This man has jumped from team to team for decades, to the point where you could play “Six Degrees of Kris Markovich” with any pro’s name and follow the trail back to him (and T-Bags). The nearly 3-hour-long show covers how he got on Dogtown and went pro; quitting G&S in while he was in Europe; filming for World Industries’ 101; shooting with the amazing photographer Dan Sturt; having a Foundation ad while still on 101; kickflipping the Carlsbad gap (the big one); his various magazine covers; quitting Element for Foundation; why he left so many sponsors, and the one sponsor he regrets leaving; what exactly happened with Hollywood Skateboards, riding for Blind; and filming What If.

We interviewed Markovich a couple of months ago for a very special video. Check it out, below:

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