ISHOD WAIR — The Nine Club Interview

Ishod Wair has been on the low due to injuries since the end of last summer. But he’s set to be back with a bang this year. At the 1:18:01 mark of the latest Nine Club episode, Ishod reveals that he has two new Nike SB colorways releasing soon, one Dunk and one new model. And with these new shoes, comes a new part that Ishod is currently working on.

I’ve got two colorways for Nike coming out. A Dunk, and then a new shoe—I’m going to have the first colorway for this shoe… I’m filming a part for that. I was supposed to be filming this part since last August around when I got hurt. But then my time got cut significantly because of the knee injury. But we’re chipping away at it.

For more on Ishod, watch the entire episode above.

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