Johnny Layton says he may try to switch tre Wallenberg during a trip to San Francisco planned for July during his new interview with The Nine Club. Layton has been known for the trick throughout his career. The one that got away from him was at Wallenberg. He attempted it during the Back to the ‘Berg contest in 2009, but was unable to roll away from it. While Layton has now retired from pro skating and works as a talent scout for Vans, he still feels like he has it in him to stomp one down S.F.’s most famous gap at age 32.

I think in June, no July, I have to go to S.F. for this Vans thing up there. I feel like that might be a good time for me to be like, “Let’s go do this.” I’ve told myself before and fully gone there and looked, and be been like: “Nah, I’m not ready.” Even though I’ve tried it before, I’m in a different state of mind now. I’ve been sitting at this desk for a minute… I really wanna do it. It’s just, I want someone to skate it with me. I would hate to go up there and get smoked right off the bat. Or try it forever and never get it. I’d rather have someone battling it with me.

Watch the entire interview above. The bit about Wallenberg beings at 1:41:25.

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