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The Nine Club Interviews Manny Santiago

Manny Santiago, the last of the Mo’Ricans, is in the hot seat for the latest episode of The Nine Club. He talks with the crew about Puerto Rico, and growing up in Massachusetts; starting skating at 15; meeting Dave Bachinsky; getting on Think Skateboards; meeting Felix Arguelles, and then riding for his brand Ammo; how Santiago got on Famous; starting his own company, Fortune; his MSA (“Manny Slays All”) website; riding for Ecko; filming for his concept video part ‘California’; getting his footage stolen and then having to re-film all his tricks; what really happened to his front tooth; having a skatepark in his backyard; dating WBATB’s Christiana Means; and that feeling when you’re skating in the Olympics. Check out his interview, above!

Santiago has worked with The Berrics since 2008, with dozens of projects under his belt. Watch a handful of his videos, including his 2013 Run & Gun entry, below:

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