‘The Nine Club’ Catch Up With Sean Malto In ‘Stop And Chat’

Sean Malto paid Chris Roberts a virtual visit in The Nine Club‘s latest ‘Stop And Chat,’ following up on his stellar interview with the crew from July 2018. In the chat they cover video games; filming for Nike SB’s Trust Fall; skating his living room handrail in Pretty Sweet; who was the lucky recipient of his first sponsor-me tape; his current board setup; and how he copes with his body cramping up in these tough times. Watch the two-hour interview above!

Malto has worked with The Berrics essentially since the beginning. Check out some of his extensive work, covering over 10 years of history with us, below:

In 2017 we had the grudge match of the century…

…preceded by some top-shelf smack-talking:

And it all started here, in 2008:

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