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THE OSAKA DAGGERS — at Triangle Park

Forget Street League. Forget The Berrics. Forget it all for a second. There is no right way to ride a skateboard. It’s a highly subjective art form open for interpretation. Sure, some skaters choose to push the technical or physical limits, but there’s a whole other movement going on around us. One that ignores all the stair counts, flip ins, flip outs, and points and scores. Meet Chopper and the Osaka Daggers out of Triangle Park in Japan. They’re one of the most interesting and creative skate crews in the worldâ€â€completely ignoring modern skate convention, and choosing to interpret our favorite art form in a totally different way from anyone else. Remember, skateboarding is meant to be fun. Get out there and use that plank of wood however YOU see fit. These dudes sure did.

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