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The Philadelphia Experiment was a military program reportedly carried out at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in October 1943. It is alleged that naval destroyer USS Eldridge was rendered invisible, allowing it to be hidden from enemy devices. The experiment was based on the Unified Field Theory, which states that by uniting electromagnetism with gravity, light will bend, along with space and time. In this version of “The Philadelphia Experiment,” we travel back to 1997, a time when skateboarding was at its very best in this city. CASTE is a creative outlet run by a small group of individuals here in Philadelphia. The goal of the brand is to produce a handful of video pieces each year, much like “The Philadelphia Experiment” and have a collection of tangible products accompany each one. Rather than limiting ourselves to just clothing, we plan to create a wide variety of products, all of which correlate to a specific video piece. The whole point of CASTE is to collaborate with as many different people as possible, including our friends and whomever we meet in the future. —Chris Mulhern

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