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Ronnie Creager Curbs his Enthusiasm in ‘The Second Video’ by Tim Olson

Tim Olson‘s latest video, ‘((THE(SECOND)VIDEO))’, to be specific, is an eclectic mix of curb skating connoisseurs who raise the bar on low impact maneuvers. The video starts out strong with the legendary Ronnie Creager doing his damn thing, and wastes no time getting into the thick of it with skaters Jud Farhat, Tanner Lawler, Grant Fiero, Kenny Anderson, Ryan Gallant, Shane Heyl, Jamie Owens, Duncan Byrnes, Dane Burman, Ryan Maddox, Abe Bethel, and many, many more. This edit is just what you need to amp you up for those lonely parking lot sessions and cutty curb spots. Check out “The Second Video,” above, and watch the first edition of “The Video”, below!

If you’ve followed The Berrics for, basically, ANY amount of time you’d know how hard we back Creager. We’re suckers for his all-around positive vibes—check out some of our extensive work with him, below:

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