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THE SKATEBOARD MAG — Issue 142 Out Now!

THE SKATEBOARD MAG -- Issue 142 Out Now!

The Skateboard Mag’s theme this month focuses on the influence that Latin America has had on skateboarding. Features include: The Brazilians from the new DC video De La Calle/Da Rua each have their own features, with photos from all over the world; our resident Senior Latino Photographer Anthony Acosta take us on a totally tubular tour in “Pipeland”; guest writer Felix Arguelles gives you his perspective on what drives Latinos in skateboarding in this month’s Initial Remarks; Atiba’s “Latin American Heritage” photo feature is a visual representation of the melting pot that is Skateboarding; and, though technically not Latino, guest writer Caswell Berry walks us through his selection process for this year’s Volcom Wild In The Parks Caswell’s Choice winners. Get the new issue … pronto!

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