Theories Of Atlantis Interviews Spirit Quest’s Hiroki Muraoka

Theories Of Atlantis‘s “Inside The Skaters Studio” is back and the latest subject is Hiroki Muraoka’s Spirit Quest part. If you didn’t alreayd know, Colin (“Mandible Claw”) Read‘s video was the best full-length of 2016. The inventive video work (double-fisting VXes to create a sort of choose-your-own-adventure; mimicking kickflips—a do-or-die scenario for the frugal filmer) and clever transitions were amazing. And Muraoka’s part is breathtaking.

Watch the analysis of his part and find out the origin of the “Hiroki Hop,” why police in Tokyo are much more assertive than cops in NYC, and why Muraoka didn’t have his own spirit animal, above. This is gold (video by Josh Stewart). Download Spirit Quest, with special features, here.

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