Watch Theories Of Atlantis’ ‘The Fourth Turning’ Here

Theories Of Atlantis has been one of the most reliable purveyors of independent videos and hard-to-find skate products, and the distributor is a pretty sick skate brand in its own right (but you already know this) with ultra-stylish videos typically filmed and edited by head Theorist Josh Stewart. For the New York City-based brand’s latest promo—introducing new team riders Nyle Lovett, Nick Rainey, and Connor Noll, along with many of the Theories heads you already know and love—Stewart has handed the editing duties fully to Jake Todd, connecting the dots on some underworld shenanigans that have kept conspiracy theorists up at night.

What does it all mean? This Theories project was released right around the time that some juicy JFK assassination documents became unsealed. Within the document titled TOA-21-JT it was noted that one Todd Jacobs was seen in Mexico City right around the time that Oswald allegedly met with Russian bad actors to discuss the plan for 11/22/1963. Coincidence?

Check out some of The Berrics’ projects in New York, below:

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